Since August 2020, Elckerlyc is housing a Language Class: ITK Elckerlyc.
Children who come to live within the BUCH municipality from abroad are taught in this class for an average of 1 year in a small and specialized setting so that they can then move on to a regular primary school in their area.
This concerns children between 6 and 12 years old.
Elckerlyc is proud of the language class and also involves the pupils in the daily routine and joint activities.
We think that it is good for the students of the language class to learn the language and habits of the other children in a playful way and on the other hand we think that we offer our students a richer learning environment because children with a different language and culture can also join them to play.
For information about the language class or contact with the language class, please contact our school:
telephone number: 0725321585